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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Denver Harbor Civic Club is dedicated to improving the educational,

economic, and social well-being of the Denver Harbor neighborhood in the

Houston Area.


Mailing Address:

The Denver Harbor Civic Club 

C/O - President: Anna Gonzales

P.O. BOX 15027

HOUSTON, TX 77220-5027 

 President - Anna Gonzales E-mail:

7:09 pm cdt 


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Section 1: The name of this organization shall be DENVER HARBOR CIVIC CLUB, hereafter referred to as the Club.

Section 2: The official address of the organization is P. O. Box 15900, Houston, TX 77220-5900.

The Club is a non-political and non-sectarian organization whose priority purposes are as follows:

Section 1: Maintain the residential character of the community defined in Article III.

Section 2: Promote civic and social welfare.

Section 3: Lessen the burdens of government.

Section 4: Advance education through scholarships and partnerships with area schools.

Section 5: Encourage community improvement.

The area of particular interest to this organization is the predominately
residential section of the North East section of the City of Houston,
Texas, bounded on the North by Wallisville Road, on the West by Houston Belt and Terminal Railroad, on the South by the Southern Pacific
Railroad, and on the East by the Port Authority Railroad and generally
referred to as the "Denver Harbor Area".

Section 1: Eligibility – Membership in this organization shall be open to all
individuals over 18 years of age who reside in or own a business within
the boundaries described in Article III, contingent upon payment of
dues, as set forth in Article X.

Section 2: Active membership shall be encouraged and will consist of all
contributing members with the exception of those who are under
suspension or on leave of absence.

Section 3: All active members are entitled to vote in any of the Club's
proceedings except the meetings of the Board of Directors. Members must be present to vote (no votes by proxy or in absentia).

Section 4: Termination of membership - Except as provided elsewhere in these Bylaws, active membership in the Club shall be terminated by failure to pay dues within the first three months of the calendar year, death of the member, or by the vote of the membership in event of actions or activities of a member which are not in the best interests of the club or are deemed to be unethical.

Section 1:
The elected Officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President,
Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer.

The duties of the elected Officers will be as follows:

President: Presides at all Club meetings at which he or she is present. Exercises general supervision over the affairs and activities of the Club. Is an ex officio member of all standing committees. Is the custodian of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. Appoints all committee
chairpersons. Signs all checks drawn on the funds of the Club.

Vice President: Assumes the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence. Assists the President in various duties as deemed fit by the President.

Recording Secretary: Keeps the official minutes of all meetings of the Club.

Corresponding Secretary: Conducts all approved correspondence of the Club and keeps a complete file of copies of all letters written and received. Attends to the maintenance of the Post Office Box.

Treasurer: Receives all Club funds and deposits them in a bank account approved by the Club. Keeps accurate records and books on all financial
transactions of the Club and supplies these records to the Finance
Committee as required (see Article V, Section 6). Prepares all checks for President’s signature after membership approval of expenditure (all expenditures will be approved by a majority vote from members present at any regular Club meeting).

Section 2: In addition to the elected officers, there may be elected a five member Board of Directors. The Board will make recommendations to the President on matters of interest to the organization.

Section 3: A member shall not hold two elective positions on currently unless one of these positions is as a member of the Board of Directors or in the event of an appointment by the president to fill a temporary vacancy in a position other than the president.

Section 4: Any officer or director vacancy shall be filled by election at the next scheduled meeting after notification.

Section 5: Presidential appointments shall expire with the installation of each new administration.

Section 6: The following appointments may be made by the President: Chaplain, Community Development, Scholarship, Membership, Publicity, Friendship, Bylaws, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms, Special Activities, Chamber of Commerce, Finance, and Historian. Additional appointments may be made at the discretion of the President.

The duties of Presidential appointees will be:

Chaplain: Recites or leads invocations and benedictions where such prayers are offered at the opening and/or closing of meetings and other events.

Parliamentarian: Consults with and advises the President, Committees, etc. on matters of parliamentary
procedure in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order (Revised).

Sergeant at Arms: Helps the President maintain order, greets visitors at the door and provides any relevant literature as becomes necessary during the course of a meeting.

Historian: Prepares a narrative account of the Club's activities. These records will serve as a permanent history of the Club during the appointee's term of office.

Friendship Chairman: Corresponds with members of the Club and community who have suffered through illness or other family tragedies.

Publicity Chairman: Gathers and disseminates pertinent information to the Club and throughout the community. Prepares and publishes a newsletter.

Finance Committee:
The Finance Committee is appointed by the President to examine the
records of the treasurer and certify their correctness to the Club.
Such certification is to be done at least once a year.

This committee shall have a minimum of three members.
Others: As directed by the President.

Section 1:The Club shall meet regularly at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center, 6402 Market Street, Houston, Texas 77020, or another time and/or location as may be agreed upon by a majority vote of the membership.

Section 2: The time and place of regular meetings may be changed temporarily by a vote of two thirds of the members present at any regular meeting or by proclamation of the presiding officer.

Section 3: Special meetings may be called by the President or, in his absence, the Vice President. Special meetings may transact only such business as is specified in the call.

Any proposed amendment to these Bylaws must be submitted in writing to the chairman of the Bylaws Committee, and must be signed by three active members of the Club before submittal. All such proposed amendments will then be reviewed by the Bylaws committee as well as the Officers and Board of Directors. After appropriate review, proposed amendments will be brought before the membership at a regular meeting for discussion and vote. If approved by a two thirds majority of members at that meeting,the amendment shall be incorporated in the Bylaws. No amendment may be at odds with the Club's Articles of Incorporation.

At the September meeting of the final year of the President's
administration, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee
consisting of three members. The purpose of this committee will be to
select a slate of nominees to be presented to the membership present at
the October meeting. 

Elections will be held at the October meeting. (Additional nominations may be made on the floor before voting commences.) Elected Officers will be installed at the November meeting. Only members may serve in an office.
A full year of membership is required for election to the office of the

President. The terms of all officers and the Board of Directors will
expire two years following a regular installation as outlined above. To
be eligible for an elective office, a member must have attended at
least three meetings within the prior
six months of membership. To be eligible to vote in an election, a member must have joined at least three months prior to the

members shall constitute a quorum if the membership is twenty or under.
If the membership is over twenty, one fifth of the membership shall
constitute a quorum.

Annual dues shall be payable in January of each calendar year.

Section 1:
Dues shall consist of tour classes, to wit: individual, family,
business, and life. From time to time, as deemed appropriate, the
membership will review the dues required for the first three listed
classes and may make changes therein by a 2/3 majority vote at any
regular meeting at which there is a
quórum present. Any membership may be made a life membership by payment of fifty times the Standard membership dues for that class. Life membership may be terminated for cause (with no refund) in accordance with Article IV, section 4 of these bylaws.

The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order (Revised)
shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are
applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws of
this organization or any special rules of order which may now or in the
future be in effect.

Each elected officer of the Club shall be provided with a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
Copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws shall also be made available to each member.

Approved June 7, 2005 

Our Hours
Location: The Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center located at 6402 Market St. Houston, TX 77020 (Denver Harbor Senior Citizens Room)

Meeting Time: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the The Denver Harbor Multi-Service Center located at 6402 Market St. Houston, TX 77020 (Senior Citizens Main Room) 

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The Denver Harbor Civic Club is dedicated to improving the educational, economic, and social well-being of the Denver Harbor neighborhood in the Houston Area